Romanian women ‘only smoked drugs outside UAE’, Dubai court hears

When arrested in Dubai, police found no drugs, but scientific tests found traces of hashish in their system.

DUBAI // A pair of Romanian women on trial for consuming hashish told the court they had smoked the drug before they arrived in the country.

On Sunday, Dubai Criminal Court heard how L M, 28, and M B, 25, were arrested after police received a tip-off.

Emirati police officer, H A, 37, said he apprehended L M in her car then went to search the house in Jumeriah she shared with M B.

“The house was clean of any illegal substances, however we found papers that are used to roll cigarettes with the second defendant,” he said.

He said he took urine samples from the two women, which were found to contain traces of hashish.

The defence attorney told the judge that his clients admitted to consuming hashish, but it happened outside the country on the day of their travel to UAE.

The defendants were asked by the judge about the quantity of hashish they had consumed, to which they answered they had smoked seven joints between them.

“The police officer claims that the defendants admitted to smoking hashish inside the country, but that is not true, my clients didn’t. We request that this court rule that this case is not in the court’s jurisdiction and also release the defendants on bail,” said the lawyer.

A verdict will be announced on June 10.

Published: May 18, 2014 04:00 AM