Rising skyline is UAE’s finest achievement, YouGov survey finds

Thriving economy and developments are the benchmarks.

ABU DHABI // Most residents say they chart the nation’s progress through its infrastructure development and thriving economy.

The survey asked UAE residents what they feel has changed in the 43 years since the country was founded. 

Most (65 per cent) feel the UAE’s ever-growing skyline is the biggest development, followed by the economy (53 per cent).

Others say the quality of life, urbanisation and population mix are the major indicators. 

Rana Barbour, an American who lived in the UAE for 12 years, feels the growing success of the country can be best seen in the many different nationalities who have made it their home.

“I love the fact that the UAE is home to more than 200 nationalities, living together peacefully,” says Ms Barbour, 30, who now lives in Chicago. 

“I am proud that Sheikh Zayed’s visions, hopes and dreams of creating a safe and prosperous country for his citizens and residents is a reality.”

Health care and education are also recognised as some of the biggest changes over the past four decades.

Survey respondents were also asked what they hope the UAE will achieve by its 50th National Day. 

Many hope the country builds on its reputation of record-breaking infrastructure and hosting world-renowned events. “That the UAE will host the Olympics”, “Disneyland in Dubai” and “to host the [football] World Cup” are among residents’ wish list.

Others have more serious aspirations, including more female empowerment, employment opportunities, better roads and more affordable housing. 



Published: December 1, 2014 04:00 AM