Policeman denies raping his wife’s cousin, Dubai court told

Prosecutors said that on January 18 this year, Emirati H A, 27, dragged Filipina S A, 27, to his bedroom and raped her.

DUBAI // A policeman denied raping his wife’s cousin and claimed she took money in return for having sex with him.

Prosecutors at Dubai Criminal Court said Emirati H A, 27, dragged Filipina S A, 27, to his bedroom and raped her on January 18 this year.

S A said her cousin, H A’s wife, told her she could stay in H A’s apartment during her visit to Dubai and asked them to help give the officer his medication to treat his epilepsy.

“We stayed with him from January 12 until the incident on the 18th. During that week I cleaned, cooked, gave him his medications three times a day and woke him for work,” said the woman.

S A said on the day of the incident she came to the flat and found H A in the living room. “I went to the kitchen to clean the dishes and prepare some food when he came, he asked me to go with him to the bedroom, I refused and said I was busy cleaning the dishes so he snatched the sponge from my hand and dragged me to the room,” said S A.

The woman pleaded with H A and reminded him that they were family. She said he did not listen and threw her on the bed and raped her, the victim said.

S A then got dressed and left the bedroom. When she tried to make a phone call without H A noticing, he threw her out of the flat. The woman then reported the incident to police.

“When I asked him what had happened, H A told me he found the woman naked before she threw herself at him,” policeman M E, 63, said.

Filipino E M, 35, who is the cousin of the victim and H A’s wife, testified that after S A called him and told him what had happened, he spoke to H A.

“He told me that I was his big brother and I should not believe that after 15 years of friendship he would do such a thing,” said E M.

The findings of a forensics report were not conclusive.

The next hearing will be in April.