Police urge caution at red lights

More than 2,000 violations were issued to drivers running the red light in the first six months of this year

ABU DHABI // More than 2,000 drivers were caught running red lights in Abu Dhabi in the first half of this year.

Traffic police recorded 2,138 such offences, which resulted in two deaths, one serious injury and 33 moderate injuries.

Police urged motorists to slow down as they approach traffic lights and intersections. Col Hamad Al Ameri, director of the Traffic Department, said accidents from running red lights often had serious consequences.

"Accidents where the speed of the vehicles that are running the red light causes a significant impact when they collide with cars coming from the opposite direction often end tragically, causing deaths and serious injuries," he said.

Offenders receive eight black points on their driving record and a Dh800 fine, and their vehicles are confiscated for 15 days.

Police officials recently said this was a particularly bad problem during Ramadan, when drivers were speeding to make it home in time for iftar.

In an effort to combat that, Abu Dhabi patrol officers are distributing iftar meals to motorists at all major road junctions in the city, Al Ain, and the entrance to the Western Region.

* Manal Ismail

Published: August 8, 2011 04:00 AM