New logo for 2030 plan

Style and colours embody goals in developing emirate.

September 15 2008: The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) today unveiled its new corporate brand symbolizing the Emirate’s 2030 long term vision. The new brand will help communicate Plan Abu Dhabi 2030’s key principles including preserving the area’s delicate ecology, ensuring economic sustainability, enhancing transport links, increasing public open spaces and fostering Emirati culture *** Local Caption ***  NA16 SE LOGO.jpg
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The architects of Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 yesterday introduced a logo intended to embody the core values of the emirate's future design. The new logo mixes tan and sea-blue typefaces to represent the emirate's desert and marine ecology, the Urban Planning Council said. Falah al Ahbabi, general manager of the UPC, said the logo "will become an inspiring image of our collective vision for a harmonious, diversified, culturally rich, stable and sustainable society."

The UPC's director of communications, Jean-Philippe Coulaud, said the corporate logo was the first step towards maintaining a dialogue with business partners and residents, and "to bring life behind a brand." "You have this big book and it's quite complex, so the challenge for the UPC is to think about a way to communicate the key pillars of the UPC to the people," he said. "We want to make sure that people, citizens will perceive all the key ingredients of this long-term vision."

The word "vision" was used in the logo to emphasise the idea that the emirate is thinking to the future outlined in the UPC's long-term plan. The logo's clean, modern typeface is meant to reflect controlled development policies, Mr Coulaud said. The Arabic typeface represents Abu Dhabi's aim of staying true to its cultural heritage despite rapid urbanisation. The UPC included in its 2030 plan an emphasis on preserving as much native greenery and as many heritage sites as possible. The Estidama sustainability initiative, which the agency is working on with construction companies, the municipality and the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi, recently published community guidelines that recommend building new developments with "more Arab features".

The key principles in the UPC's Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 include preserving the area's ecology, ensuring economic sustainability, boosting public transport, opening more green spaces and fostering Emirati culture. The new logo, which will feature on all new marketing materials for the plan, embodies all those ideas, the UPC said.