New documentary about UAE Armed Forces to broadcast

Abu Dhabi Al Emarat TV will show a four-part series on the UAE military.

A still from Hayati Walaskariya, which will air on Abu Dhabi Al Emarat TV from March 5, 2014. Courtesy Image Nation
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A documentary series focusing on the UAE Armed Forces will air on Abu Dhabi Al Emarat TV beginnning on Wednesday.

Hayati Walaskariya, which means "My military, my life", will chronicle the lives of UAE military personnel.

“It’s a good idea to show the people in the UAE what it’s like to live that life,” said Col Sultan al Hageri, a retired officer. “I learnt a lot when I was in the police force and there are a lot more people now in the UAE so they can have a good insight into that life.”

The four-part series, produced by Abu Dhabi-based Image Nation, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Media, in close cooperation with the UAE Armed Forces, will air weekly.

Viewers will gain insight into various aspects of the armed forces, from world-class pilots to junior cadets. They will also witness behind-the-scenes challenges of balancing family and social commitments in such demanding jobs.

“It’s a great idea,” said Brig Gen Jassim Al Hassawi, a retired officer. “Everybody wants to know about the police and the army and this can help them decide whether, later on, they would want to work in this field. It’s also important to show people what it’s like to fight for their country.”

Eissa Al Mail, head of Abu Dhabi Al Emarat, said the channel focused on profiling local society through diverse programming that reflected Emirati culture, identity and heritage.

“We are certain this programme will be a success and audiences will enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the daily encounters of our soldiers,” he said.

Mohammed Al Mubarak, chairman of Image Nation, said: “We are immensely honoured to have worked in partnership with the UAE Armed Forces on this unique and exciting project. We would like to thank them for allowing us, and the viewers, an exclusive look into their lives behind the uniform.”

The show will air Wednesdays at 7.30pm.