More than 50 fines issued for overcrowded flats in Mussaffah

Abu Dhabi Municipality carried out a campaign in the industrial area in search of illegal occupancy of residential units

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More than 50 residents and landlords were fined for breaking the law on the occupancy rate of residential units in Mussaffah on Sunday.

Disorderly residential units in the capital’s industrial area were targeted by Abu Dhabi Municipality as part of a campaign to combat eyesores.

The municipality said they were specifically looking for apartments with more than three people sharing one room.

The campaign comes as part of Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities efforts to eliminate outlawed accommodation which can impose health risks and are considered a burden on community members.

“It adds to the demographic pressure and the illegal depletion of natural resources,” the Municipality said.

Fines for overcrowded housing range between D10,000 to Dh100,000 and the Municpality refers offenders to court without offer of direct settlement.