Man smuggled hashish into Abu Dhabi to perfume his wife’s lingerie

The man claimed the substance was scented herbs. A verdict will be announced on December 17

ABU DHABI // A man accused of smuggling drugs inside his luggage said it was scented herbs to keep his wife’s lingerie refreshed, the Criminal Court heard yesterday.

Airport police found suspicious looking herbs inside the luggage of M R, a Briton, hidden between women’s lingerie.

They found the herbs contained 8 grams of hashish and arrested him, accusing him of bringing drugs into the UAE.

M R argued that he put the scented herbs inside his bag to perfume his wife’s lingerie, denying they contained any drugs.

His lawyer, Fayza Moussa, asked the court to take her client’s denial and claim into account.

She said that the customs permit to inspect his luggage was invalid, because he did not show any signs of suspicion for them to justifying inspecting him.

The report issued against him lacked any prosecuting evidence and lacked the incriminating factor for the “bringing in” offence, she said.

“The quantity that was caught was extremely small, and cannot be sold or exchanged, and there is no factor that proves he had the will to commit this crime.”

She presented a sticker for the product that read it was unsuitable for human use.

Published: December 8, 2014 04:00 AM