Man posing as CID officer rapes woman, court hears

The 24-year-old Pakistani has gone on trial accused of rape, impersonation and theft

An unemployed man posed as a CID officer to gain access to a woman's home and then raped her, prosecutors told Dubai Criminal Court. 
The 24-year-old Pakistani has gone on trial accused of rape, impersonation and theft.  
In January of this year, the 24-year-old and another man from Pakistan knocked on the woman's apartment door in the Naif area of Deira. They pretended to be police CID officers and demanded to come in. 
"They locked the door behind them then threatened me with knives and demanded I hand them all the cash I had," said the woman, whose nationality and age were not detailed in records. 
She said that after one of them raped her, they stole Dh720 and took her Samsung phone. They heard loud screams from outside the fourth-floor-apartment in Naif area. 
The men ran towards the balcony to escape, said the victim, adding that one of them fell to his death when trying to climb down the water pipes.

"I got scared and ran away from the flat," she said. She later returned and spoke to police about her ordeal. 
A police officer said that he received a report of a man falling from a building. When a police patrol arrived, they found the suspected rapist standing nex tto his friend's dead body. 
Prosecutors said that the man admitted to raping the woman. He said he was drunk at the time. 
He will be sentenced later this month.