Man and wife kill second wife over messy house, Abu Dhabi prosecutors say

A man and his wife are accused of killing his second wife and beating his children.

ABU DHABI // An Emirati man and his wife imprisoned, tortured and murdered his second wife, prosecutors said on Sunday.

The couple were arrested after police received a call from their neighbours in Baniyas that a woman and her children were being held captive and had been tortured, beaten and starved.

The public prosecution issued orders to investigate the case and raid the house the same day the woman, a Yemeni, died. Police arrested the couple after examining the body.

During investigations, the man said he had been married to the victim for six years and had two children with her. He allegedly confessed he beat her using a cane and his hands and kicked her for not obeying his orders.

He said he imprisoned her inside the house because she suffered from a psychological illness.

On the day the woman died, the man said he entered the house and found it messy with belongings scattered around. This outraged him so he allegedly attacked his wife and beat her with his hands, feet and wooden objects, which led to her death.

His first wife, a co-defendent, also allegedly confessed to attacking the woman and her children, causing a permanent disability to a son and a delay in the growth of a daughter because of a 40 per cent permanent disability.

Published: May 4, 2014 04:00 AM