Maid urinated in drink in revenge against sponsor, Dubai court hears

Indonesian maid confessed to prosecutors that the Syrian woman had been verbally abusing her so she urinated in her water three times, though she denies the charge against her in court.

DUBAI // An angry housemaid took revenge against her sponsor’s wife by urinating in the woman’s water cup, Dubai Court of Misdemeanours heard on Thursday.

Indonesian A M, 36, was charged with endangering the life of the Syrian woman on January 7 after, she said, a torrent of verbal abuse.

“I came to the country a month ago to work for them and, since I arrived, she had been treating me badly and screaming at me for no reason,” the maid said.

“So when I called my family back home and complained to them, they suggested I urinate in her drinking water, which I did.”

The Indonesian confessed to prosecutors and said she did so to take revenge — and that she did it three times.

On the third occasion, at about 9.30pm, the wife noticed that her water was not clear and so did not want to drink it. She asked the maid about it but she said she did not know what was in the water so the woman waited for her husband to return home and told him.

“I knew what it was from the smell and she confessed to me when I confronted her,” said Syrian doctor M A, 44.

He said his wife called him at work and told him that something was wrong with the water she asked the maid to get and that she was scared.

When the husband returned home he said he checked his surveillance cameras and saw the maid come out of the toilet then take something out of her pocket and pour it in a cup in the kitchen.

“When I saw that and the fact that she did it for three days in a row, I called police,” said the doctor.

She denied the accusations in court and the next hearing will be on February 9.

Published: February 5, 2015 04:00 AM