Maid in Dubai charged over second-degree burns on baby

Mother reported Nepali when she spotted burns two days after they were inflicted but the maid says she kept the accidental burns a secret as her sponsor had been mistreating her.

DUBAI // A Nepali maid is being investigated for allegedly having caused second-degree burns to an eight-month-old baby, said a chief prosecutor in Dubai.

Sami Al Shamsi, advocate general and chief prosecutor of Bur Dubai Prosecution, said that the mother of the baby girl visited the station and lodged a complaint after seeing burns on the child’s right thigh while giving the baby a bath.

The maid had worked for the family for almost a year-and-a half, said Mr Al Shamsi, adding that the mother found out about the incident two days after it happened.

“The mother was surprised that during the two days after the burning was caused, the maid had not been allowing her to bathe or wash the baby,” he said. She grew suspicious because the maid would hurry bath time without letting her see the baby naked.

The maid said during investigations that she had accidentally caused the burns to the child’s thigh while changing her nappy and washing her body under water.

“She said she accidentally opened the hot water instead of the cold one. She added that she was scared because the mother of the child had been ill-treating her so she tried to cover the burns by adding some creams,” said prosecutor Ahmed Yousuf Al Ali, who was in charge of the interrogation.

The maid was referred to Dubai Court of Misdemeanours on charges of assaulting the safety of another’s body.

Published: March 24, 2015 04:00 AM