Killed mother to be repatriated Monday

Victim's family due to fly into UAE from UK this weekend to take her body and four children to Pakistan.

DUBAI // The body of a mother of four found dead in a car in Sharjah is likely to be repatriated to Pakistan by Monday, a consulate official says.

The woman, identified as Samaira Kiyani, 37, was found at about midnight in a Mercedes in Al Yarmouk on Thursday last week.

Mir Azhar Talpur, community welfare officer at the Pakistan consulate in Dubai, has been liaising with Sharjah police as investigations continue.

He said police were looking into the movements of Mrs Kiyani's husband. "We believe he flew back to Pakistan in the early hours of Friday morning," said Mr Talpur.

Mrs Kiyani's sons, aged 11 months, 3 and 9, and six-year-old daughter are staying with family in Sharjah.

The victim's brothers, who live in the UK, are expected to fly to the UAE this weekend to collect the children and take them to Pakistan, along with their mother's body.

Her cousin, who is looking after the children but did not want to be identified, said the family needed to send her body home.

"We are from Pakistan and naturally the family want Samaira's body to be taken to our home," he said. "We are waiting for the documents and procedures to be completed. Once the police say everything is complete, only then can we take her body home.

"It is terrible for the children, especially the older ones. Not to have their mother and father by their side is affecting them.

"It's best that they leave here and go to family in Pakistan."

The Pakistan consulate is waiting for police to provide more details on the death.

Published: September 14, 2012 04:00 AM