Kidnapped, assaulted, robbed and jailed - all during night on the town

DUBAI // A night out in town for a Dubai resident ended in him being kidnapped, assaulted and jailed, a court has heard.

The 48-year-old Indian driver MG had been drinking at the Sameeramis Hotel in Bur Dubai on September 30 when he encountered three men mocking him and laughing, according to prosecution records.

"I informed the manager and asked for a taxi, which was called for me," he told prosecutors.

After returning to his home in Satwa, MG said that a car pulled up next to him and its driver called out. "The driver asked me if I knew him or any of the other two men in the car. I replied 'no' – he said that they were the men laughing at me in the bar," MG said.

The car door opened and the men then attacked MG before throwing him in the back seat and driving off to a house in Jaffilia district where they held him captive.

MG said the men beat him and stole Dh1,600 and two mobile phones from him.

He was released after four hours and given Dh20 cab fare and a clean shirt.

"I went directly to Bur Dubai Police station and reported the assault and kidnapping but instead I was taken in and booked for consuming alcohol," he said.

MG was sentenced to one month in jail on November 28 and served his time at the Bur Dubai station.

Prosecutors yesterday charged two men, 36-year-old BM and 24-year-old RM, both Indian, with kidnap, assault and theft.

Both men have been kept in police custody but failed to appear before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance to enter their plea yesterday.

The court adjourned the case to February 5.

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