Jail for labourer who groped swimmer on Dubai beach

Labourer who groped swimmer at the Jumeirah Open beach is sentenced to three months in prison.

DUBAI // A labourer was seen by a lifeguard groping a woman swimmer on Jumeirah Open Beach.

S S, 25, from Pakistan, followed the woman into the sea and swam alongside before reaching out and touching her.

However, he was unaware that a lifeguard had been watching him and when he left the sea the lifeguard challenged him before chasing and apprehending him.

“I noticed the defendant stopping next to a European woman’s belongings on the beach. He then went into sea,” recalled the lifeguard S P, 42. “I saw him swim very close to the woman.”

The lifeguard noticed the woman push the labourer away and try to swim away. “I knew then that he was trying to molest her,” said the lifeguard.

When the woman came out of the water, “she told me he touched her behind and other parts of her body”, said the lifeguard.

He then approached the labourer, who was still changing. “He denied molesting her and then started running away from me, so I chased him, caught him, then called police.”

The incident happened on the morning of July 28 this year.

In court the labourer denied a charge of sexual assault, but was found guilty and sentenced to three months in prison. He will be deported after serving his term.


Published: September 18, 2013 04:00 AM