Indian dad who won Abu Dhabi's Dh12m lottery ‘won’t be tempted into luxury spending’

Shivamurthy Gali Krishnappa struck lucky when he scooped the capital's Big Ticket draw

Shivamurthy Gali Krishnappa, right, with his wife and children. Courtesy: Mr Krishnappa 
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A Sharjah-based father who won the Dh12 million ($3.2m) jackpot on Abu Dhabi's Big Ticket draw has said he will avoid the temptation of splashing out on luxuries, and instead save for his family's future.

Shivamurthy Gali Krishnappa said becoming a millionaire “does not mean a person can spend recklessly”.

The 42-year-old said he wants his two children to attend good universities once they finish school.

He had been purchasing a ticket for three years, but it was the ticket number 202511 that won him millions of dirhams.

"Just because we have all this money doesn't mean we can spend recklessly," he told The National.

“We are not going to be tempted into buying expensive things. I want to secure my children's and family’s future.

“I will buy a house in India, save in the bank and maybe open a small business in my home country, which my brothers can look after.”

Mr Krishnappa, who moved to Sharjah in 2005 and works as a mechanical engineer, said the funds would help him and family stay longer in the UAE.

He said his company supported him and his colleagues during the Covid-19 pandemic, but there were always job worries.

“We love living in the UAE. This is our home and we want to stay here as long as we can,” Mr Krishnappa said.

The Abu Dhabi Big Ticket draw has been taking place since 1992.

In January, an Indian businessman in Oman won Dh20m. He split the funds with six of his colleagues.

A Filipina hotel receptionist won Dh1m with Al Ansari Exchange Rewards earlier this year, when she bought a ticket after wiring her father Dh186.

Last month, an Indian woman in Qatar won Dh15m in the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket – with a ticket she did not even remember buying.

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