Seven winners in Dubai share Dh1 million Mahzooz weekly jackpot

Each will take home Dh142,857 after they matched five of the six numbers drawn in the 15th weekly raffle

Mahzooz draws take place every Saturday and are live-streamed at 9pm. 
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Seven lucky winners in Dubai will share the Dh1 million Mahzooz jackpot. Each will take home Dh142,857 after their selection matched five of the six numbers drawn during the 15th weekly raffle.

The winners, of different nationalities, said they will use the money to take care of their families and build houses back home.

“These are tough times but I am blessed that I now have the money to build my family a house in Punjab,” said Dubai resident Satwinderpal, 27.

Dubai resident Noemi, 44, a Filipino, and Deependra, 38, from Nepal, also plan to build houses for their families with the prize money.

“I have always wanted to buy a house for my family back in the Philippines and now I will do that,” Noemi said.

“I’ve been planning to buy a property for my family that’s closer to Katmandu. I discussed this with my father, my mother and my wife and now it’s a reality,” Deependra said.

The draws take place every Saturday and are live-streamed on the Mahzooz website at 9pm. The entry price for each game is Dh35.

Those who match six numbers share a cash prize of at least Dh50m.

Winners who match five numbers can claim a share of Dh1m, which might increase depending on how many players there are.

Players can now play for future draws rather than just the draw for that week.

They can register on or its smartphone app.

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