UAE Friday sermon: lessons in the pursuit of knowledge

The sermon will tell worshippers to emulate the dedication to education of Muadh ibn Jabal

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Prophet Mohammed’s companions, known as the Sahaba, dedicated much of their lives to the pursuit of knowledge.

None were more associated with this pursuit than Muadh ibn Jabal, who was described by the Prophet as being “the one who will lead the scholars into Paradise.”

Muadh ibn Jabal and five others from the Sahaba were responsible for compiling the Quran while Prophet Mohammed was alive.

It is from him that the sermon draws its lessons for worshippers this Friday.

Muadh ibn Jabal was said to be an avid learner and was keen to spend as much time with the Prophet to learn the ways of Islam directly from him.

Anas ibn Malik, another well-known member of the Sahaba, said only four people were able to memorise the Quran entirely during the life of Prophet Mohammed. It is said that Muadh ibn Jabal was one of them.

On Friday, at the end of the first school week, the sermon will say that Muadh ibn Jabal demonstrated diligence and dedication to learning — an attitude all Muslims should adopt towards learning.

“He not only took the knowledge most required of him but constantly strove in its increase, joining not only in memorising the Quran but learning of its rulings. He did this by investing his time in the good, taking advantage of any opportunity and occasion that offered him the chance to increase in knowledge,” the sermon will say.

For his dedication, he was described as “the best of men” by Prophet Mohammed.

On Friday, the sermon will tell worshippers to learn from his example by being devoted to the pursuit of knowledge, to take advantage of the facilities around them to progress their education and to listen intently to their teachers.