Friday sermon: honour your mother for her sacrifices

The sermon will tell worshippers that the Quran is filled with examples of noble mothers, who should be taken as role models

God has commanded Muslims to honour their mothers, worshippers will be told on Friday.

The Quran is filled with examples of some of the noblest mothers, women dedicated to piety and worship, who should serve as role models for Muslims, the sermon will say.

Children should know the sacrifices their mothers make in raising them.

An example of a mother who sacrificed for her child is Hajjar, the wife of Prophet Ibrahim. Per Allah’s command, Prophet Ibrahim took his wife and their young son, Ismail, to Makkah, a desolate place, and settled them there. Hajjar and Ismail were left with a few dates and some water but when the supplies ran out, the child began to cry inconsolably.

Hajjar began running up and down the two hillocks, Safa and Marwa, in search of water. She did this seven times until she heard a voice.

“Help us, if you are of the good,” she pleaded. The Angel Jibril answered and struck the earth, creating a spring of zamzam water.

Hajjar was pleased with what God had bequeathed her in response to her patience. The walk between Safa and Marwa later became part of the rituals of Hajj as it symbolises the sacrifice and love of a mother for her child.

Another example of a righteous mother listed in the Quran, the sermon says, is the mother of Moses.

She had to hide her pregnancy from the Pharaoh, who was killing newborn sons after being told a newborn would go on to overthrow him. When she was overwhelmed by fear, God asked her to throw her son into the river.

Her unwavering faith was rewarded by God who ensured that the child was raised by the Pharaoh’s wife and went on to become a prophet.

These examples show that mothers have the most honourable position as primary caregivers. They toil in taking care of their children and by extension the future generations, the sermon concludes.

Published: March 22, 2019 07:00 AM


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