Coronavirus: UAE travel restrictions and disinfection programme to continue

Precautionary measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 to be expanded nationwide

Overnight nationwide travel restrictions are to be extended as the disinfection of public areas across the country continues.

The National Disinfection Programme will include new facilities in all seven emirates, the Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Ministry of Interior said.

Movement has been restricted across the country from 8pm until 6am since Thursday, March 26 as disinfection teams take precautionary measures to contain Covid-19. The operation has involved thousands of workers, supervisors and administrators from federal and local governments.

A statement carried by state news agency Wam, urged the public to continue to stay home from 8pm until 6am each day. During daytime, residents can shop for essential food supplies and medicine, or perform essential jobs in vital sectors, but should not leave home for any other reason.

Special job categories include the energy sector, as well as those working in communication, health, education, security, the police and military.

Relevant categories will be verified by the authorities through business cards or ID cards.

Officials said the spray used to disinfect UAE streets is harmless, and poses no threat to the public, animals or the environment.

It contains a diluted hydrogen peroxide, a mild-disinfectant often used to treat minor cuts and burns or as a mouth rinse.

The first disinfectant campaign completed by specialist fumigation vehicles and teams of sprayers was due to end on April 4, but that has now been extended further.

Residents in Dubai must obtain a permit if they wish to leave home during the overnight travel restrictions.

Applications for clearance to complete urgent work or buy supplies can be made via Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management website.

Al Ras, one of Dubai's oldest districts, in Deira, was placed in a two-week quarantine on March 31 to contain the spread of coronavirus.