Watch: Sheikh Mohammed's 50 years of service celebrated

New video released by Dubai Future Foundation pays tribute to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid's role in the growth of the emirate

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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid's golden vision for Dubai is being thrust into the spotlight in a new video celebrating the emirate's rapid rise from fledgling desert nation to global power.

The Vice President and Ruler of Dubai recently marked 50 years of service to the UAE government - a time in which the country has undergone a remarkable transformation.

His efforts to bring about change in Dubai has been chronicled in a video released by Dubai Future Foundation, an organisation set up to pave the way for the city's continued development on the regional and international stage.

The film, which features archive footage of Sheikh Mohammed, charts the city's progress since February 16, 1968, in the years leading to the foundation of the union, as grand plans for the country begin to take shape.

The footage highlights dreams that are soon to become a reality, from the building of highways to a UAE flag being proudly hoisted at the United Nations.

Viewers are told the word "impossible" does not exist in the UAE as ambitions begin to soar, with construction works gathering pace and Emirates planes taking to the skies.

As Sheikh Mohammed is shown astride a horse at a major race meeting in Dubai, viewers are told there is no "finish line' for progress, for innovation or excellence.


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Sheikh Mohammed's mission to put the emirate at the forefront of education and enterprise is also captured in the two-minute video.

While many are taking the time to pay homage to Sheikh Mohammed's 50 years dedicated to his country, the man himself is already looking forward.

Sheikh Mohammed has, this week, unveiled his 50-Year Charter for the development of the emirate.

The charter marks Sheikh Mohammed's 50 years of service to the country and outlines plans to improve the quality of life in Dubai for its citizens and residents over the next 50 years.

Over the next half century, it says, Dubai will be maintained as "a city governed by law and bound by the spirit of compassion, love harmony and tolerance".

Dubai will remain a "prosperous city where future generations achieve their dreams and aspirations", it promises.