Sheikh Mohammed: Dubai adopts new government structure for the future

The emirate aims to be the world's airport and main sea port

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid laid out a vision for a more "flexible and efficient" Dubai Government.

The Vice President and Ruler of Dubai outlined a series of measures to shape the emirate's future at a Dubai Council meeting on Tuesday.

The meeting was attended by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, and Deputy Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed.

Trade was placed firmly at the centre of the progressive new plan to enhance Dubai's status on the global stage.

"We are determined that we will be the world's airport and main port," said Sheikh Mohammed.

The emirate will adopt a new Dubai International Trade Map, which currently includes shipping and air links with more than 400 cities around the world.

This network will be expanded to 200 new cities to consolidate the role of the emirate in the global trade movement.

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce will also be split into three: Dubai Chamber of Commerce,  Dubai Chamber of International Trade and Dubai Chamber for Digital Economy.

Changes will also be made to government employment arrangements, with three-year work contracts introduced for all officials and directors of Dubai departments, agencies and institutions. Accountability will be increased, and an output evaluation and rewards system introduced.

Dubai Council also approved a five-year plan to raise the value of the emirate's foreign trade exchange from Dh1.4 trillion to Dh2tn.

"We know what we want, and we know how to reach it, and we have the national energies to implement the plan," Sheikh Mohammed said on Twitter.

"Whoever does not move forward is in retreat. Whoever relies on past achievements loses his future.

"Dubai's place is in the future and its destiny is to be the vibrant global economic heart of this region. The next is more beautiful if the resolve is greater."