Ramadan 2021: UAE sends tonnes of food aid to Senegal, Sierra Leone and Bangladesh

Fifty metric tonnes of supplies were sent to each country

The UAE has sent planes carrying 50 tonnes of food to Senegal, Sierra Leone and Bangladesh as part of its Ramadan charity programme.

These circumstances require solidarity and international cooperation, especially during the holy month of Ramadan

This year’s initiative replicates efforts to combat Covid-19 during the holy month last year, when the Emirates sent medical equipment to more than 100 countries.

The UAE has provided 2,000 metric tonnes of medical supplies to 135 countries, supporting two million medical professionals in the process.

It is keen to assist families in need during Ramadan, said Sultan Ali Al Harbi, UAE Ambassador to Senegal and non-resident Ambassador to Sierra Leone.

“The UAE and Senegal are linked by distinguished bilateral relations, based on the principle of friendship, solidarity and common interest,” he said.

“The arrival of the plane today is an additional sign of the fruitful co-operation and the growing partnership between the two countries.”

A helping hand

UAE dispatches three planes each carrying 50 metric tonnes of food supplies to Bangladesh, Sierra Leone and Senegal. Courtesy: WAM.

An aid plane also flew from the UAE to Sierra Leone on Friday.

“This plane is part of the tireless efforts of the UAE and its wise leadership to demonstrate solidarity during this holy month,” Ambassador Al Harbi said.

The third plane, sent to Bangladesh on Thursday, will help the country to address the challenges posed by the pandemic, said Abdullah Ali Al Hammoudi, charge d’affaires to the UAE Embassy in Dhaka.

“These circumstances require solidarity and international co-operation, especially during the holy month of Ramadan,” he said.

Last year, the UAE sent seven metric tonnes of medical supplies to Bangladesh and Sierra Leone, helping 7,000 medical workers in each country.

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