Expat workers participate in labour law workshop in Dubai

The Workforce Educational and Awareness programme aims to bring together teams from authorities such as Dubai Courts and Dubai Police.

DUBAI // More than 1,000 expat workers have completed a workshop organised by the Permanent Committee of Labour Affairs in Dubai to inform expatriate employees about the laws and their rights.

The Workforce Educational and Awareness programme is aimed at bringing together teams from Dubai Courts, Dubai Police and other authorities to come up with solutions for the workforce.

“We aim to create a healthy work environment in Dubai, one which protects the workers’ rights and meets global standards,” said Maj Gen Obaid bin Surour, chairman of the committee.

“By knowing the country’s laws and what rights they have, employees can ensure that they don’t fall prey to exploitation.”

Thirteen training sessions were conducted in English, Arabic and Urdu to advise the workers.


Published: September 25, 2016 04:00 AM