President Sheikh Mohamed 'filled with optimism' after meeting UAE youth

Leader's discussions marked International Youth Day

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President Sheikh Mohamed said he was filled with optimism for the future after meeting with young people from across the UAE.

Sheikh Mohamed shared a video on social media of his discussions with young people to mark International Youth Day on Saturday.

"I met with young people and was filled with optimism by their ambition and their potential," he wrote on social media.

"On International Youth Day, we commit to enabling their growth as they prepare to lead the sustainable development of our nation."

During the meeting, which took place in Qasr Al Bahr, Sheikh Mohamed discussed and commended the suggestions of those he met, highlighting their keen comprehension of the nation's challenges and opportunities.

He said the UAE consistently seeks valuable and innovative ideas from its citizens and residents.

Sheikh Mohamed emphasised the importance of upholding the UAE's values as well as following its principles and respecting its customs and traditions.

He also highlighted the value of positive role models in shaping personalities and guiding young people towards becoming responsible individuals.

"The world is in a state of flux and faces numerous challenges," he said, according to state news agency Wam.

However, he added that the UAE maintains a well-defined long-term vision, and its citizens and residents contribute to realising this with enthusiasm and unwavering determination.

"Global crises, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, have driven the UAE to leverage the latest technology to find innovative ways to attain food and water security by implementing techniques for desalination and rice and wheat cultivation," said Sheikh Mohamed.

"The UAE is eagerly anticipating an unprecedented and significant advancement in this aspect, with the aim of attaining food security."

He offered his best wishes to the youth on their endeavours.

Updated: August 12, 2023, 9:40 AM