Global Village breaks world record in support of 100 Million Meals campaign

Theme park plans 25th world record attempt of the season to mark silver jubilee

Global Village broke a world record by creating a light-up mosaic in support of the UAE's 100 Million Meals campaign.

The mosaic used 2,500 lanterns to spell out "100,000,000 meals", which highlighted the campaign launched by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives foundation.

Global Village hopes the event will encourage people to contribute to the region's largest food drive.

The lanterns were later distributed to the crowd.

The attempt is Global Village's 23rd Guinness World Record of the current season, two shy of its plans to break 25 records to mark its silver jubilee.

It plans to break the 25th record on Sunday, May 2, from 9pm, before it closes for the summer.