Gang who stole Dh35,000 from Sharjah supermarket are jailed

The five men each received a one-year sentence at Sharjah Criminal Court.

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SHARJAH // Five men who stole Dh35,000 from a supermarket have been sent to jail.

The defendants assaulted the owner and threatened him with a knife at the shop in Sharjah’s industrial area 10 on February 1.

One of the men watched the door and two others waited in a getaway car while the remaining two entered the shop, the owner said.

They denied charges of armed robbery and assault in April, however, Sharjah Criminal Court sentenced the men, whose nationality was not mentioned, to one year in jail each.

“One of them held the knife at my throat and demanded I hand over the money I had,” said the 56-year-old Indian victim. “He threatened to kill me if I didn’t give them the money.”

After grabbing the money, the men ran to a car parked nearby, where the two others were waiting, before driving off.

The robbery was reported to the industrial area police station.

They will be deported after competing their jail term.