Gang attacks duo with hammers and Taser guns in row over massage fees, court told

The men say they had returned from an ATM to pay the gang but they began assaulting them and chased them throughout the buiding

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A gang attacked two men with hammers and Taser guns after they did not pay for a massage, Dubai Criminal Court heard.

According to court records, the two Egyptian customers, aged 26 and 29, found the business card of a massage centre and booked a session each.

On July 8, they walked to the centre in an apartment building in Al Barsha. When it came time to pay, the manager handed them a bill.

"I didn't have enough money so I told the men handling the place that I can go to the nearest ATM machine and withdraw the amount, which they agreed to," said one of the Egyptian men.
He said that, when he returned, one of the six men grabbed him by the arm then punched him in the eye. The other men then began hitting him and his friend with hammers and shooting them with Taser guns.
The two men escaped outside but the gang – made up of men from Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan – caught up with them and resumed the assault.
"I knocked on the door of one of the apartments in the building seeking help. The tenant opened up and let me in," said the 26-year-old man.
His friend remained in the hallway where the gang continued to beat him. The attackers fled the scene after the tenant, who helped the first man, yelled saying that police were coming.
"The man was badly wounded and bleeding from the head. His arm had a deep cut. I let him in then asked my roommates to call police," said a Pakistani tenant, 43.
He said that when he opened the door, he saw a group of men holding hammers and other weapons and chasing another man down the corridor.
Two of the six defendants, aged between 20 and 35, did not attend court on Sunday while the remaining four were not charged with anything because a translator was not available.
The next hearing is scheduled for June 12.