Friday Sermon: the importance of obedience

Just as the universe was created to have accurate laws that organise the lives of all creatures, similarly people should follow state laws to ensure a civilised lifestyle.

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Just as the universe was created with laws that organise the lives of all, similarly, people should follow the laws of the state to ensure a civilised life.

“Order is one of the most important factors that life is based on,” says Friday’s sermon.

The Quran ordered individuals to obey their rulers, “and part of rulers’ obedience is by respecting their laws”.

The sermon cites an incident from the days of the second Muslim caliph, Omar Bin Al Khattab, who went out in disguise at night to check on people’s affairs.

As reported by Ibn Abbas, who accompanied him, they heard a woman instruct her daughter to mix the milk they will sell the next morning with water, despite orders from the caliphate forbidding this action.

“You are in a place where neither Omar nor his officer can see you,” the woman said.

The daughter replied that the caliph may or may not see them, but Allah sees them.

Another important way of abiding by the law is following the rules and regulations of organisations and companies, continues the sermon.

“So one who speeds while driving, reckless of the traffic rules, which were set to preserve lives and properties ... is violating Allah’s sharia’a (law).”

To spread respect for the law, every individual should be convinced that order is the basis of life, concludes the sermon.