Friday sermon: Rules of the road fall within Islamic teachings

The sermon this week will discuss the dangers of breaking traffic rules which are part of Islamic education.

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Respecting the rules of the road and not speeding fall within Islamic teachings about preserving human life, worshippers will be told today.

"Traffic rules are part of Islamic education. Islam has set its basis and set its rules to preserve human life and safety,"says today's sermon.

It warns that breaching traffic regulations could destroy agriculture, harm offspring and damage roads.

"People should consider traffic regulations as a religious obligation, when they will be questioned about [in the hereafter] if they violate them."

The Quran lays out instructions on road behaviour from different aspects.

One verse instructs people not to cause damage on earth: "Work not confusion in the Earth after the fair ordering [thereof]."

Another verse instructs people to walk and not speed: "He it is Who hath made the Earth subservient unto you, so Walk in the paths thereof and eat of His providence."

People should understand Allah blessed them with transport methods to run their errands, therefore they should be grateful and respect those methods by being cautious.

The Prophet Mohammed referred to road ethics in many incidents, and stressed the rewards of removing harmful objects from the path of another and warned against breaching road ethics.

He also highlighted the importance of checking a mode of transport before travelling to make sure it is safe and functioning well.

He was quoted saying in a hadith: "Fear Allah with those beasts and ride them valid [functioning well]."