Four men raped 13-year-old boy, Dubai court hears

The boy's father noticed the boy was having trouble sitting down, so asked him what happened and was told he had been raped by the four defendants.

DUBAI // Four young men have appeared at Dubai Criminal Court on charges of kidnapping, threatening and raping a boy aged 13.

H A told police that in April last year he went to a playground near Jumeirah Beach to play football with his mother and brother.

His brother was hurt and went home with his mother, leaving him alone, and that soon after he was approached by Emirati A A, 21.

“He gave me a fake name and told me he was a friend of my cousin, then he told me to walk with him near a dark area where he grabbed me from behind,” said the boy.

“When I tried to escape he threatened to kill me and my family if I told anyone about what happened.”

The boy said his attacker called him that evening and threatened to kill him if he did not meet him.

They met near a school, where the attacker was accompanied by his compatriot A B, 19.

“A B had a knife on him and threatened me with it,” the boy said. “They took me to a nearby telecommunications building.

“Once inside, A A raped me, then he went out of the room and A B came in and raped me,” he said.

The boy said that a fortnight later, A A called him and threatened his life again if they did not meet.

This time, he and A B were accompanied by Emiratis S M, 18 and M B, 20. All four raped him, he said.

The victim’s father told police he noticed his son was in some pain.

“So I asked him what was wrong and he told me he was raped by the four defendants.”

He said his son was undergoing psychological treatment for problems resulting from the assaults.

The four denied the charges at the Criminal Court on Sunday. The next hearing is scheduled for May 24.

Published: May 11, 2014 04:00 AM