FNC call to protect cultural diversity

The Speaker of FNC stresses the need to protect cultural identities and diversity in the UAE.

ABU DHABI // The Speaker of the Federal National Council has called for international legislation to protect cultural diversity.

Mohammed Al Murr, from Dubai, stressed the need to protect cultural identities and diversity, and to regard interfaith dialogues highly because of religion's central role in guiding communities.

"Any constructive and successful dialogue among civilisations and cultures should be based on the conviction of cultural, religious, and ethnic diversity and respect for religions as a way for building the common future for humanity," he told Nation Shield, the magazine of the Armed Forces.

Mr Al Murr said the UAE worked hard to protect human rights. Sheikh Khalifa, the President, reaffirmed the UAE's position in protecting rights and freedoms during his speech at the opening of the council sessions in November, the Speaker said.

Authorities had worked to preserve and respect these rights and freedoms which have made the UAE, as the President had said, "a heaven for the Emirati and expatriate equally - where both have enjoyed the highest living standards, safety and security in society free of discrimination and prejudice".

Of the role of women, he said the UAE constitution contained articles ensuring equality of the sexes, and providing equal opportunity to all.

He said the FNC had put a lot of focus on the rights of Emirati women.

At the end of the interview, he called on the Iranian authorities to come to the table to resolve the issue of their occupation of the UAE islands, Abu Musa and the Greater and Lesser Tunbs, or to resolve the matter through international courts.