Eviction woman caught in possession of drugs in smoke-filled room, Dubai court hears

Chinese saleswoman was sound asleep in a haze of smoke when police and municipality officials came to evict her from the property.

DUBAI // A woman was caught in possession of drugs when police came to evict her from her flat, a court heard on Thursday.

Chinese saleswoman U B, 35, was found asleep in a smoke-filled room when police and Dubai Municipality officials arrived at the property on January 28.

Emirati policeman Y M, 27, said: “We were ordered to vacate a Chinese tenant from an apartment in the Chinese cluster at the international city.

“We knocked on the door but no one answered, so we ordered a carpenter ... to break the lock to let us in. Once inside we smelled smoke coming out of one of the rooms and we saw the defendant on the ground asleep with the whole room filled with smoke.”

When police woke her up, she panicked and tried to hide items.

Emirati policeman H G, 30, said: “We got alerted by police officers carrying out tenant evictions that they found a woman in a weird state, and that she may have drug paraphernalia alongside hashish and crystal meth.

“Once I arrived at the scene, I saw items that are used for drug smoking and consumption ... she said that these items belong to her boyfriend.” The police confiscated 160 grams of hashish and 0.55g of crystal meth.

The woman was charged only with possession.

U B entered a plea of not guilty and the case was adjourned until July 16 for sentencing.


Published: May 22, 2014 04:00 AM