UAE weather: Mercury to reach highs of 45°C

Humidity will be 95 per cent in coastal regions and winds will whip up dust

Temperatures inland will reach highs of 45°C. 
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The temperature is expected to reach the mid-40s in some parts of the UAE today.

Inland regions will experience a high of 45°C and a low of 28°C, according to The National Centre for Meteorology.

In coastal regions the temperature will reach a high of 42°C and a low of 28°C, meanwhile in mountainous regions it is expected that temperatures will range from 40°C to 26°C throughout the course of today.

The humidity will reach as high as 95 per cent in coastal regions, inland it will reach 80 per cent while in mountainous regions it will hit 50 per cent.

Conditions will remain hazy and partly cloudy in some regions, with moderate to fresh winds in general, causing dust and sand to blow over the exposed areas.

Winds are expected to reach as high as 44kph at times.