Emirati stabbed to death at beach in Fujairah

CID are investigating after the death of a 23-year-old Emirati.

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FUJAIRAH // A 23-year-old man was stabbed to death at a beach on Saturday night.

Abdullah Al Hanaya, an Emirati, was found bleeding near Al Mazalat, or Umbrella beach. Maj Saeed Al Hassani, head of media at Fujairah Police, said emergency crews were called at 11.45pm and an ambulance and investigators were sent. His body was taken to hospital.

Khames Al Hanaya said his brother worked for the Armed Forces in Abu Dhabi.

“He came back from Abu Dhabi yesterday around 5pm,” he said. “He told the family he was going to meet some friends at Al Mazalat beach and have a barbecue. He took off at 9pm.

“The police contacted our elder brother at 12am and informed him that Abdullah was killed that night, and we were in deep shock. He was stabbed two times – one in the heart and the other in his waist.

“I called all his friends and they denied seeing him that day. We don’t know who he was with as he has many friends we don’t know about.”

Al Hanaya was from a family of 15 in Al Ghurfa, Fujairah. His funeral prayers took place yesterday in Abu Bakr Al Sadiq Mosque and he was buried in Al Ghurfa cemetery.