Coronavirus: students get fee discounts for higher studies at Dubai campus

A 100 per cent fee waiver will be offered to select outstanding pupils

Alan Williamson, chief executive officer at Taaleem. Pupils at the 13 schools run by the operator have been offered a 25 per cent discount by the University of Wollongong campus in Dubai. Courtesy: Taaleem
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School graduates in the UAE have been offered the option of pursuing higher studies in Dubai at a discounted rate.

The University of Wollongong campus in Dubai has offered scholarships to pupils who graduate from Taaleem institutes, the second biggest school operator in the country.

Pupils from Taaleem schools will be offered a 25 per cent discount for bachelors and masters degrees for the full duration of their study if they enrol at the campus starting September 2020.

A 100 per cent fee waiver will be offered to select outstanding pupils.

Parents and staff members at the group will be given a 30 per cent discount for the degrees offered at the Dubai campus.

Students' plans in the UAE to study abroad have been disrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic, as many are considering pursuing a degree closer to home.

Students who wish to continue studying abroad once travel restrictions are lifted, may move to University of Wollongong's campuses in Australia, Hong Kong or Malaysia with the same discounts in place.

“In light of current global uncertainties, our parents and graduating students are naturally reconsidering the location for their future higher education,” said Alan Williamson, chief executive officer of Taaleem.

"This partnership will provide the option of a locally based education for our graduates during these times of international uncertainty and insecurity.”

Professor Mohamed Salem, President of University of Wollongong in Dubai, hopes the scholarships will help students wishing to stay back in the UAE for higher studies.

“We understand that the current environment has caused shifts within the international higher education landscape, where many students who were hoping to study abroad may not now have the possibility to do so. Our number one priority is supporting the UAE’s domestic education sector," he said.

High school pupils in the UAE hoping to study abroad this summer had their plans disrupted by the coronavirus earlier this year.

Undergraduates aiming to start university courses abroad in September have been affected as many campus open days have been cancelled.

Many universities abroad have resorted to online learning models for their 2019-2020 academic year and may not open their campuses in September.