Eagerly awaiting new Metro stops

Regarding April launch for seven Metro stops (February 21): I'd like to thank the RTA for the wonderful Metro service.

A reader praises the merits of Dubai's Metro and cannot wait for the next instalment of stops.
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Regarding April launch for seven Metro stops (February 21): I'd like to thank the RTA for the wonderful Metro service. It has really made a big difference in my commute. Free feeder buses, a staff which I've always found to be extremely helpful, and a safe and clean environment - riding the metro has been a pleasure and a joy. I look forward to the opening of the additional stations. It will make an already excellent service even better. Abdulelah Dandachi, Doha

There are a few scenarios that I have been in during my life where I would not have called the police despite being a victim (What are your thoughts on crime in the UAE?, February 22). The time that stands out was when I was being physically attacked by three young men I did not know for no apparent reason. It turned into a scuffle and I ended up fighting them off. I dared not call the police because it is commonly understood here that the victim and the perpetrator in a physical fight will both be thrown in jail. This might be a deter instigating physical fights, but it is also a deterrent for one to defend themselves and report a physical attack.

I have also on several occasions complained about young males being very rude in public areas. Their behaviour varies from loud insults and cursing, to mocking strangers and customers in cafes and restaurants. When the offenders are female, which does happen despite popular belief, it is best to just get up and leave. The police are more likely to believe a woman when it is your word against hers, or at least that is the general impression among most.

I have seen at least 10 males leave a restaurant because three young women were shouting out rude comments at everyone who was sitting down. When a man who had walked into the restaurant was verbally abused and tried to respond, his friend grabbed him and pulled him out into the street, most likely because he was wise enough to know there was nothing he could do. BuAhmed al Hashimi, Abu Dhabi

I was interested to read and I have to agree with your article. Just last week when driving to work in Abu Dhabi, a white Nissan Armada was speeding past and hit my car with a very loud bang. The driver did not stop or even acknowledge the incident, which I believe to be a reflection of his or her attitude on the road. Although I was very shaken, I could not find visible damage to my car so I assume they must have hit my side mirror.

Although I recorded the licence plate number with very shaky hands, as a westerner, I wasn't sure what to do about it and took advice from my local colleagues, which turned out to be "no damage, no problem". I'm still very upset by the incident, however, it seems it would be a waste of the authorities time, right? What are we supposed to do with incidents such as this that are not an emergencies or insurance situations but which should see reckless drivers penalised nonetheless? Will the authorities understand what we are wanting to report and should we?

CK, Abu Dhabi

Concerning A national vision to prevent a north-south divide (February 21): I do remember looking at the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 plan recently, so it would be interesting to see how such state visions dovetail with a UAE Vision 2021. The author already points out some discrepancies from the Northern Emirates. Certainly there should be more co-ordination among various state visions. But in real life however, there will be many conflicts. The trick is to see how some of these visions get implemented and their spillover effects on neighbouring states. So far the UAE has shown good growth and long term vision, perhaps not well articulated, but evidenced in job creation, a growing diverse pool and growing out of a global financial crisis. Athar Mian, London

Israel and its supporters have used the European events of the Second World War as an excuse to violate international law and commit numerous war crimes for over 60 years with total impunity (Israel's new 'attack on freedom of speech', February 20). Israel is a rogue country that must be isolated by the EU and the United States and brought to account for their crimes if there is ever to be a real peace in the Middle East. John Zavesky, Riverside, California

Israel mistakenly thinks that by killing Palestinian symbols of resistance, the inhumane occupation can be tightened. For every Palestinian leader they murder, hundreds of Palestinians would apply for the vacant job. Omar Maghribi, Paris