Dubai's super-efficient lamp to be mandatory on all new buildings

Developers and planners told special bulb must be used across emirate

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The use of the energy-efficient 'Dubai lamp' has been made mandatory for all new developments, according to a memo issued by the Dubai Municipality to all consultancies, contractors and developers operating in the emirate.

The LED bulb was developed by Philips uses a fraction of the electricity needed by conventional lights, cuts emissions and will reinforce the emirate’s green credentials.

From December, Dubai Municipality will verify the use of the Dubai lamp across all buildings and its use will be one of the conditions for issuing the Building Completion Certificate.

"In case other lamps similar to the Dubai lamp have already been purchased or contracted upon ahead of issuing this memo, the contractor concerned shall have to submit the relevant purchase invoices upon applying for the Building Completion Certificate," said Layali Al Mulla, director of the buildings department.

The bulbs range in power ratings from 1 to 3 watts, replacing 25 to 60 watt bulbs. Costing between Dh18 and Dh33, the bulbs will have a lifespan of 25,000 hours.

“This is the world’s most energy-efficient lightbulb and provides big efficiency savings, as well as lowering electricity bills for consumers,” said Olav Scholte, marketing manager at Philips Lighting Middle East, speaking earlier this year.

“With consumers more environmentally conscious, we hope that with their support we can put a considerable dent in our carbon footprint.”

The bulb amp was revealed last October as part of the emirate’s sustainability drive, which aims to reduce energy use for lighting by up to 90 per cent, the authorities said.