Dubai Police help seize 11kg of heroin

Two drug busts involved three countries and lots of police co-operation

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DUBAI // Police seized more than 11 kilograms of heroin last month in two sting operations involving three countries.

In Lagos, Nigeria, local authorities seized 8kg of heroin after a tip-off from Dubai Police.

Police at Dubai International Airport first identified the female suspect as she was travelling through the country. She was en route to Lagos via Dubai and had hidden the drugs in what police described as “a professional manner”, below a false bottom in her suitcase.

After Nigerian authorities were informed about the passenger, they were able to intercept the drug shipment in Lagos, according to Dubai Police.

In a separate case, a man from an unidentified Asian country was arrested last month at terminal three of Dubai International Airport for allegedly attempting to smuggle 3.1kg of heroin to Kuala Lumpur through the UAE.

The man, identified only as M A, was travelling from an unnamed Asian country to Malaysia and had a stopover in Dubai. He, too, had hidden the heroin in his bag.

“We were able to scupper the smuggling attempt after receiving confirmed intelligence that the man was in possession of the drug,” said a police source.

The man has been referred to the public prosecution.

The success in foiling both smuggling attempts was attributed by  authorities to the connections Dubai Police maintain with a wide network of law enforcement authorities across the world, as well as the vigilance of police officers working at Dubai International Airport.