Dubai Police help foil plot to send 8kg of crystal meth to Japan

Tip-off led to arrests in Tokyo and at hotel in Al Rifa'a area.

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DUBAI // Dubai police have helped foil an attempt to smuggle of eight kilogrammes of methamphetamine into Japan.

On July 6, two Europeans were arrested in Tokyo and two in Dubai after a surveillance operation that involved Dubai Police, Sharjah police and the Ministry of Interior. Each pair had with them 4kg of the drug.

One pair was seen delivering half the drugs to the other at a hotel in Al Rifa'a area, according to Maj Gen Abdul al Jaleel Mahdi, the head of the anti-narcotic department.

Shortly after receiving the drugs, the second pair, a woman and man, went to the airport and flew to Tokyo. Dubai police informed Japanese authorities, who arrested them and found the crystal meth.

They later seized the first pair, two men identified as ARR and AAFJ, at their hotel room in Al Rifa'a, along with the rest of the drugs.

Both said they had got the drugs from an unidentified man who had already left the country. The two men have been referred to the public prosecution.