Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 25 November 2020

Dubai gym claims Youtube advert 'expression of freedom'

Circuit Factory has posted its response to public dismay at the company's latest controversial ad.

DUBAI // The Dubai gym which has caused controversy once again with its latest ad campaign has posted a message on its Facebook page claiming the video is expressing the company's ethos of "freedom".

Dubai-based Circuit Factory posted a video two days ago suggesting lack of exercise could make a woman less desirable to her partner and change his sexual orientation.

The company could not be reached for comments despite The National's attempts.

But this morning, the fitness centre posted a message on Facebook that read: "Freedom is a big part of The Circuit Factory's culture. We aren't advocating anything with our video. It's just us being ridiculous. We don't take ourselves that seriously. We believe in freedom, and our video is an expression of that. x"

The comments option on YouTube was disabled shortly after the ad was posted. While the option to comment on Facebook is still available, two comments that were posted on the social media site were removed.

Lawyers said the ad was considered committing a deliberate and public act of indecency and breaching modesty according to UAE law.


Updated: August 15, 2013 04:00 AM