Dubai accountant stole Dh250,000 worth of deposits from hotel guests, court told

The hotel worker is accused of forging deposit reclaim forms in order to pocket the cash for himself

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A hotel accountant pocketed more than Dh250,000 in deposits belonging to guests, a court heard.

The Filipino defendant altered deposit reclaim forms filed by people who stayed at the hotel where he worked to ensure their money went to him, Dubai Criminal Court was told.

The 33-year-old put his own bank details on the forms so the money, totalling Dh252,000, was sent to him.

Dubai Criminal Court was told the transactions were carried out between November 2017 and July last year.

The thefts came to light when the bank sent a letter to the hotel's administration to raise suspicions over the fact that all reclaimed amounts had been transferred to the same account.

“They said that they were all transferred to the account belonging to the accountant,” said an official from the hotel.

He said that the accused had been replacing hotel guests credit card numbers with his own.

“Guests claim amounts that they have deposited prior to their stay as a guarantee, and he had been stealing these amounts," said the hotel official.

“He sent forged copies to the bank and kept the intact originals in his possession at the department.”

An investigation was launched by the bank and the man was arrested after police were informed.

He was not present in court to answer charges of theft, forgery and the use of forged documents.

The case was adjourned until April 28