Drunk Dubai father drags daughter’s friend from car and beats her up

The Emirati claims the young woman swore at him but he was convicted of pulling her by the hair and beating her head and face for an unknown reason.

DUBAI // A drunk 60-year-old man grabbed a friend of his daughter’s by the hair, dragged her from her car and beat her up.

At about 9pm on July 17, Emirati J A was standing at his villa’s door when his daughter’s friend, who is also a neighbour, passed by in her car.

“He waved at me so I stopped and lowered my car window and greeted him,” said Emirati victim R A, 20, at Dubai Court of Misdemeanours.

“Suddenly he pulled me by the hair and started beating me on my head and my face, but I didn’t know why.

“I jumped back into my car and drove off.”

The defendant told police that he was not standing at his door but claimed to be driving his car near his home when a woman honked her horn and swore at him.

“I heard the horn and when I looked at the car behind me I saw a woman driver,” he said.

“I stepped out of my car to see what her problem was and heard her swearing at me, saying I was a pimp.”

The man said the victim was asking him for money and, when he refused, she bit him on his left hand.

But in his prosecution testimony he changed his story and said that she was his daughter’s acquaintance and lived in the same area.

“Yes I had been drinking alcohol at the time,” he said, confessing to a charge of consuming alcohol without a licence but denying physically assaulting R A.

J A was convicted on both charges and fined Dh4,000.