Driver jailed for sexually assaulting woman in back seat of bus

A driver who sexually assaulted a woman in the back seat of his bus will spend three years in prison for his crime.

On April 1, the Tajik saleswoman entered the private bus, dedicated to the shop’s workers, to go to her mother’s flat in Deira, Dubai, on April 1.

The woman, 24, said she was using her mobile phone and had not realised the Pakistani driver had stopped the bus in a remote area.

"The driver came towards me and said I was beautiful then asked to have sex with me," she said.
The woman begged him to leave her alone but the defendant, 27, threatened to have his friends gang rape her.

When she resisted him, the driver slapped and choked her and, when she screamed, he silenced her forcefully, according to court documents.
He stripped her naked then sexually molested her.
"He begged me not to tell police, saying his life will be ruined. I promised him I wouldn't, after which he dropped me off near a main road," she said.
The woman hailed a taxi and went home where her family urged her to go to the police.
The driver was arrested the next day.
At Dubai Criminal Court, on Sunday, the driver denied a charge of sexual assault but was sentenced to three years in prison to be followed by deportation.

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