Woman fined for trying to frame her husband's second wife

A jealous wife who found her husband had secretly married a second woman was today fined Dh1,000 in Dubai for trying to frame her love rival for having an affair.

DUBAI // A jealous wife who found her husband had secretly married a second woman was today fined Dh1,000 for trying to frame her love rival.

The Misdemeanour Court heard that FA, the 28-year-old Emirati first wife, was unaware that her husband SH, a 24-year-old Emirati soldier, had married a second woman, the 26-year-old Iranian HH, in September 2011.

However, the first wife, who works for the Ministry of Interior, eventually found out when she saw the marriage contract in her husband's car and decided to frame the second wife for having an affair.

She did this by removing a picture of the second wife in revealing clothes from her husband's mobile without his knowledge and then resent it to her husband from an unknown number on March 13.

"The picture was part of a message that said, 'Hi it's me Aboud', in an attempt to make it look as if I sent my picture to a man," the second wife told the court.

She said the first wife sent the message to cause problems between her and her husband.

The husband said that he received the picture at about 8.30pm. "I remember that picture because I took it for her," he said.

"I suspected my first wife who resides in Fujairah, I think she took the picture from my phone while I was sleeping. I think she did so out of jealousy to create problems between me and my second wife," he said.

The husband married his first wife four years ago and they have two children together.

When police questioned the first wife in May she said she noticed changes in her husband's behaviour about seven months previously. She said there were rumours that her husband had married another woman.

"My sister received three pictures of a woman and I just sent it to my husband to ask him if it was true and the picture was of his wife," said the first wife.

She denied a charge of intruding on the privacy of her husband and his second wife but was found guilty.


Published: August 13, 2012 04:00 AM