Men 'tricked' into transporting hashish from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Three men are accused of planning to export hashish to Saudi Arabia, an Abu Dhabi court hears.

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ABU DHABI // Two men accused of transporting hashish from Dubai to Abu Dhabi told a court today they were tricked into doing so.

DK and AM, both from Pakistan, were accused along with their compatriot AK, who has fled the country, with planning to export the drug to Saudi Arabia.

However, they told the Criminal Court they were tricked into transporting the drug by a man named J.

"We received carton boxes from J, we did not know what was inside them, and he asked us to take it from where we met him in Dubai Mall to Abu Dhabi," said DK. "When we arrived in the capital we were arrested."

Chief Justice Sayed Abdul Baseer, the head of the court, asked the men why they had previously told police that they had rented an apartment in Khour Al Anz to hide the drugs.

"Police forced us to say this, they beat us and threatened us," said DK. "I still have marks on my body from the beatings."

The case was adjourned until August 26.