Man ‘attacked aunt’ then wife testified against him, Dubai court hears

Emirati allegedly pushed aunt to the wall in a hospital and used insulting language

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An Emirati man denied assaulting his aunt and insulting her using inappropriate language but his wife gave a statement that implicates him, Dubai Court of Misdemeanours heard on Wednesday.
The 23-year-old was with his wife at a hospital in Al Garhoud on April 16 after she had been admitted the night before. 
"When she [the aunt] arrived, she greeted us but my husband did not return the greetings. She asked him why he wouldn't respond, he didn't answer her and instead looked at her despisingly," said the wife, also 23. 
She added that the two then started arguing and her husband insulted his aunt then pushed her to the wall, causing her and some medical equipment to fall.
"He then left the room mumbling," said the wife, adding that the aunt did not say anything insulting to him.
The aunt told investigators that the reason for the attack was that she stood up to him every time he mistreated his wife. 
"On one occasion he mistreated his wife and I called her father, who reported him to police, and he hates me for that and for standing up to him," said the woman. 
The defendant said that he was provoked by his aunt but that he did not insult her. 
"She was interfering in my marital life and when she came to the hospital, she kept provoking me. I told her to stop doing that but she insulted me and tried to hit me with her shoes," said the accused. 
He added that he tried to stop her from hitting him and accidentally caused her to fall.
The man said his aunt called family members that night and bad mouthed him. 
In court, he denied the charges against him.
The next hearing is on August 15.