Maid jailed in Dubai for sex out of wedlock

Maid discovered having an illicit affair after stealing her sponsor's birth control pills is sentenced to three months in prison.

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DUBAI // A maid has been jailed for three months for having sex outside of wedlock.

RP, 29, a Filipina, was reported to the police by her sponsor after she noticed some of her birth-control pills were missing.

The sponsor looked through the maid's mobile phone and discovered pornographic images from her lover, Egyptian AA, 38.

"I asked her what she had done with the pills. She said she used all of them," the sponsor said, and that the maid had also been using her make-up.

The sponsor had noticed a change in the maid's behaviour.

"She started neglecting her duties and would often leave the house," said the sponsor, who was told by her children that the maid was meeting a strange man.

She reported the maid to police and the Egyptian was summoned to the station. He admitted having an affair with the maid, saying he met her in November last year while building a nearby villa.

"We started meeting. I would pass by in my car in the early morning or late night hours and pick her up, we then would have sex in my car before driving her back," he said.

The Misdemeanours Court last week sentenced the maid and her lover to three months in prison for consensual sex outside of wedlock.

Both will be deported after their prison terms.