Execution affirmed for killing, sex assault

Labourer was convicted of trying to rape a colleague, then killing him with a knife.

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ABU DHABI // An appeals court upheld today the execution and three-year prison sentence of a man who sexually assaulted a colleague before stabbing him to death. 

The victim's family had expressed hope the execution could take place immediately to avoid what they said a cycle of revenge in Peshawar, Pakistan, between the two families. 

The dead man's family said after the verdict that "everyone" in their area wanted the execution to take place as soon as possible to avoid a series of killings between the two families. Both are from the same area in Peshawar. 

"You know they are very traditional people. It has to finish here and not in Pakistan," said the victim's nephew, who identified himself as Ismail.

The Criminal Court of First Instance convicted FS, Pakistani, on October 6, 2010, of sexually assaulting and murdering another Pakistani in October 2009. He was sentenced to three years in prison followed by execution. 

The victim, who was not named in court documents and had been in the UAE for five years, had a son in Pakistan.

Prosecutors accused FS of luring the 26-year-old – who lived in the same labour camp – to a deserted area and attempting to have sex with him.

But FS's lawyer said the victim had asked his client to go for a walk. He said the victim then pulled a knife from his trousers when they reached a dark, deserted area.

"My client did not have any weapons ... and was surprised," the lawyer said. "He took the knife because he was terrified."

The lawyer said FS did not intend to kill and was acting in self-defence.

The decision will be automatically appealed within 15 days. The verdict will be final if the Court of Cassation upholds it.