Dubai gang attacks man in apparent revenge attack, court hears

Six men assaulted another man with meat cleavers and swords, hears court.

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DUBAI // A man was run over and killed in retaliation for two of his brothers taking part in a gang attack on an Emirati with meat cleavers and swords, a court heard yesterday.

Prosecutors told the Criminal Court that six men attacked the 21-year-old Emirati ME while he was at his friend's house on April 19 last year, hitting him with the weapons all over his body.

The men fled when a number of women from the neighbourhood saw what was happening and began screaming.

Court records did not make clear the motivation behind the attack, but noted that on June 29, in a revenge attack, a brother of two of the men in the gang was run over and killed by friends of the injured man.

Two brothers AE, 31, and WE, 36, holding Comoros Islands passports, and four Emiratis AH, 26, MD, 20, WH, 19 and EM, 22 were charged with carrying out the April 19 assault. None were present at court to enter a plea.

They were not at the Dubai Criminal Court to enter a plea.

The next hearing was scheduled for January 30 to summon the defendants.